FORMER Tembisa police constable, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, has been described as a well calculated methodological alleged serial killer.

According to Lizzette Lancaster from Crime and Justice Information and Analysis Hub at Institute for Security Studies, Rosemary reportedly forms part of serial killers who are organised and plan their killings very well.

She said they kill in sequence.

She said Rosemary was very particular and rational with how she planed her killing.

“And for her she was doing it for greed. It is pure methodology and very intentional,” she said.

Lancaster said although her defence team might try to declare her mentally unstable, that could be far from the truth by looking at how the killings were carried out.

“There are different kinds of serial killers. They all do it for a certain reason or for a cause. Some do it because they feel compelled to do it, while others do it because they need to achieve a certain goal,” she said.

Rosemary stands accused of orchestrating the deaths of six people including family members and her boyfriend.

She allegedly received over R1,4 million from policies.

She is also charged with plotting to kill seven others including her sister and her children.

If found guilty of all the charges, Rosemary will join over hundreds of serial killers, who have been convicted for their heinous crimes.

Among these is Daisy Louisa C. de Melker, who was a trained nurse.

Daisy de Melker8BIM
Daisy de Melker

She was found guilty of poisoning two husbands with strychnine for their life insurance money and then poisoned her only son with arsenic for reasons which are still unclear.

She was sentenced to death by hanging in 1932.


According to former IPS brigadier Dr Gerard Labuschagne, there have been more than 160 serial killers in South African history.

Some of the famous serial killers who shook the country include Moses Sithole, who raped 40 women in the mid-90s, killing 37 of them.

Moses Sithole
Moses Sithole.

He is currently serving a 2 410-year prison sentence for the crimes.

Cedric Maake, known as The Wemmer Pan Killer, was convicted for 27 murders, but was suspected of killing many more.

Cedric Maake

He was sentenced to 1 340 years imprisonment

Serial rapist and murderer, Jimmy “Jesus Killer” Maketta, was convicted for 16 counts of murder and 19 counts of rape in 2007.

Jimmy Maketta

David Randitsheni, who died in 2009, was convicted for 10 counts of murder, 17 counts of rape, 18 counts of kidnapping and one count of indecent assault.

He was sentenced to 16 life sentences and 220 years in prison.