EFF Leader Julius Malema urged men to respect their women and desist from viewing them as sexual objects.

Malema said this while addressing members of the media and various stakeholders at an event hosted by The Press Club South Africa at Westin Hotel on Friday morning.

“I stand before you here confidently without any fear of contradiction, I have never beaten all my children. I have never beaten, or abused my own wife. I have got no such history, my history with women is very kind and romantic. We must respect them as equal human beings in society, not tools to be used in the bedroom. Once we start loving ourselves as men, we will not have a difficulty in loving our own women,” said Malema, leaving the audience in stitches.

Malema said abuse against women is a scourge that should be confronted by the whole society and government.

“We will never win the war that has been declared against our women, we have to mobilise all sectors of our society to declare war to all those who abuse our women. Those who beat up women, kidnap and rape women must not have a place in our society,” said Malema.

The EFF leader said the Judiciary must take sensitive a tough stance against those who abuse women.

He said the fight against women abuse must also talk place on the upper echelons of power. “I’m asking parliamentarians including part leaders to raise their hands if they have never beaten or abused a woman in the past 15 years. I challenge the President to do the same thing. He must raise his hand and say, under oath in Parliament, ‘for the past 15 years I have never abused any woman’ we must all do the same,” said Malema. He said even beating up kids is bad as it would make them think that difficult problems are solved by violence.