A MUM who accused nurses of stealing her baby boy has been proven wrong.

Khanyi Dube (32) was convinced nurses had swapped her boy with a girl.

She gave birth at home and relatives who helped her said it was a boy, but nurses told her she had a girl. However, DNA tests have now proved that the baby is hers and her relatives made a mistake.

Khanyi from Gingindlovu, northern KZN, was taken to Catherine Booth Hospital in June after the child was born and was later transferred to Empangeni Hospital.

When she was told in the ambulance that the baby was a girl, she became convinced her baby had been swapped.

“My aunts were convinced the baby was a boy. I trusted them and I wanted a son.”

Khanyi said after the blood tests, she took her baby to her father’s family.

“My baby daddy’s mother saw the baby looked like her husband’s family. That was when I was convinced. I really believed the nurses stole my baby,” she said.

Khanyi said her baby was doing well and she had accepted it was her child.

Khanyi’s mum, Sebenzile Ntiyeza, said the baby now looked like Khanyi.

“At the time the baby was born, it looked like she had a penis,” she said.

Sebenzile said the family had gone to the hospital to apologise to staff.