GOGO Moipone Masite is still hurt after her seven-roomed house burnt down in August 2012.

The incident happened when a transformer exploded, causing a fire that ate all her belongings.

But the 60-year-old gogo from Hebron, Tshwane, doesn’t know what caused the explosion.

She blames Eskom for the fire and wants to be compensated as she never tempered with electricity.

She told Daily Sun she was still waiting for Eskom to investigate the matter.


“I don’t have a place to live. Eskom promised to send officials to investigate, but I have not heard anything from them.

“Family members have been helping me, but I need to rebuild my home,” she said.

Moipone Masite (60) of Hibron in Tshwane says Eskom must build her the family house that was allegedly burnt by a transformer. Photo by Raymond Morare Photo by

Gogo is a pensioner and doesn’t have money to fix the house.

She said what saddened her was that the family house had an Eskom debt of R12 000.

“Eskom wants me to clear the debt, but I don’t have money,” she said.

She told Daily Sun that she suffered from high blood and depression because of the situation.

Eskom spokeswoman Tumi Mashishi said: “We have tried to investigate the matter with the limited information provided to us, but unfortunately we are unable to trace if the claim was lodged with us.


“We’ve tried to engage the customer to get a reference number/s and we spoke to the daughter who didn’t have the account number or reference number.”

Mashishi said they would not be able to investigate further without any of these.

“The gogo said she will furnish us with what we’ve asked from her.

“We will await for this information from her.