FOUR people were arrested in Olivenhoutbotch near Centurion in Tshwane Wednesday.

This after a 17-year-old confessed of the murder he and his mother (43) committed.

“He was taking drugs I think it is because the dead people in the yard were haunting him,”


According to the residents the 17-year-old was taken to a sangoma where he confessed killing three people and burying them in their yard.

A community leader Georgia Setlhare (38) said the 17-year-old said he helps his mother to kill their family members.

“He said that they killed the mother's boyfriend in 2016 and buried him, in 2018 they killed the mother’s second boyfriend and in 2018 December they killed his 20-year-old brother who wanted to tell people of their murders,” she said.

She said that the kids life was a mess before he confessed.

“He was taking drugs I think it is because the dead people in the yard were haunting him,” she said.

The suspect’s aunt (57) said the people all went missing.

“We didn’t know what happened to all the people who were buried. We thought they were all missing,” she said.

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said they have opened a murder case.

“We  have at this stage detained four suspects for inquiry pending forensic confirmation of the murder of three victims,” he said.


He said this comes after police on Tuesday evening, received information from one of the three detainees that he and three other suspects including his mother, had killed and buried the bodies of three victims in a yard.

“The possible grave has since been declared a crime scene and has been cordoned off to avoid any tampering until the crime scene experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory of the SAPS have processed the scene,” he said.

The police said the remains will be exhumed tomorrow  morning.