IT’S not even December yet and relationships are already shaky.

Some said they’ve asked their partners not to disappear during festive season but they’ve suddenly started seeing some strange behaviour. Singles are happy to be accepting new applications from people’s lovers, but those in serious relationships are annoyed at this trend of their partners disappearing after pay day and only coming back in January when they are broke.

Girlfriends and boyfriends told Daily Sun that December is not just a about family and friends but it’s also about getting into new, temporary relationships.

A man who’s been in a relationship for four years said every November he tells his bae he needs to deal with amadlozi matters.

“The first two years she was furious but I think she started understanding I need that connection with my ancestors. I feel like all couples deserve a break from each other,” he said. Another man said he’s been with his girlfriend for two years and she still doesn’t understand that December is not for long-term relationships.

“I find an excuse to start a fight then I’ll be angry till next year,” he said.

“Last year she made my coffee too strong but she doesn’t listen to me. So we had to take a break till January. I’m not sure what excuse I’ll create this year.”

A lady said she did this disappearing act and when she came back her man was planning to pay lobola for another woman.

“I’ll never play this game again,” she said. Another woman said if her man disappears on her this December she’s getting a new boyfriend.

“He disappeared last year. He even blocked me and when he came back he told me he needed some alone time,” she said.

Another single lady said she’s ready to snatch someone’s man.

December is around the corner and people fear that their partners will dump them as soon as the festive season starts.

“It’s not my fault that guys want a break from their girlfriends in December. I’ve been single for three years but December is a joyful time for me,” she said.

Another single lady advised women to let their men take a break in December.

“We’ll make sure they’re taken care of and your relationship will be more enjoyable when he comes back,” she said.

Sex and relationship expert, Dr Nelson Mashego told Daily Sun the increase in festive cheaters isn’t surprising because the season can leave people feeling drained emotionally, financially, and physically.

“The expectation that things should be merry and bright puts a strain on the marriage and the peace of mind,” said Nelson.