The missing police officer, Constable Mildred Silowe was found alive but drugged and robbed.

The 26-year-old was reported as missing by her sister, at the Bushbuckridge Cop Shop on Sunday.

Constable Silowe from Boiketlo Village, Casteel, had left home on Sunday afternoon to travel back to work in Lydenburg using public transport.

Upon arriving at Bushbuckridge Shopping Complex where she was to catch a second taxi to Lydenburg, she was offered a lift by an unknown man and immediately informed her sister.

Police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said moments later, her sister called to check up on her several times but failed to reach her.

"She also called Constable Silowe's roommate who confirmed that she had not arrived. The sister then grew worried after failed attempts to trace her and reported the matter to the police who immediately launched a search," said Hlathi. 

Hlathi said Silowe was found around Calcutta area on Monday evening next to a set of robots.

"She told police that she recalls being covered with a cloth on her face by one of the men in the car that had offered her a lift back to Lydenburg, where she became unconscious thereafter. She also relayed that she later regained consciousness only to find she had been ditched in the bushes with her hands and feet tight with ropes and had been robbed of all her belongings. She then managed to roll to a road nearby where she was spotted by a passing ambulance," he said.

"The police were summoned immediately and the victim was then taken to hospital for medical treatment and has since been discharged."

Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma expressed relief that Constable Silowe has been found alive and has ordered an investigation into this matter. 

Anyone with information that may assist the police with their investigation is requested to contact Detective Warrant Officer Nicol Setwane at 0729068621.