DEPUTY Minister for Finance David Masondo opened a case of extortion against an ex-girlfriend and she was arrested after falling into a police trap.

But in return, she has opened a case of forced abortion against Masondo.

NOW, the minister is caught up in an extortion and forced abortion drama.

Last month, Masondo opened a case of extortion against his ex-girlfriend from Joburg at the Douglasdale Police Station.

According to his police summary statement, it is alleged that the woman blackmailed Masondo into paying her R300 000. But Masondo informed the Hawks and a trap was set.

She was arrested after collecting the money.

Reads the statement, in part: “The complainant alleged that a suspect demanded an amount of R300 000 from him in order to stop blackmailing the complainant and threatening his wife.

The matter was reported to the corruption investigation section. An operation was conducted and the suspect received an amount of R400 000 from the agent. She was later arrested.”

But on Sunday, the ex-girlfriend opened a case of abortion against the minister at the same police station.

According to the police summary statement, she claimed she and Masondo had been dating when she fell pregnant, but Masondo forced her to abort against her will.

The summary statement also revealed she was 21 weeks pregnant when she was forced to terminate the pregnancy.

According to a police statement seen by the SunTeam, she was taken to a gynaecologist in Pretoria and was surprised when the doctor agreed to terminate her pregnancy despite it being at an advanced stage.

“Victim alleged that she was forced to do the abortion on Wednesday 16 January 2019 while she was at her place by her ex-boyfriend, David Masondo.

According to the victim, her ex-boyfriend went with her to his friend’s gynaecologist at Loftus, Pretoria. According to the victim, she was 21 weeks and knew the doctor won’t do the abortion because she was five months pregnant,” read the statement.

She told police she thought she was beyond the stage of termination but got shocked when the procedure was agreed to be undertaken.

“She said after that the doctor gave her ex-boyfriend five pills. On their arrival at home, he gave her the pills by force,” read the statement.
According to the statement, she fought him but he forced her into drinking the pills and at around 7pm the pain started.

A few hours later he gave her the other pill and she said she was in pain.

She said he gave her the last pill before midnight. She said the water broke in the early hours of the morning and she started to bleed and after that the foetus came out.

According to the statement, she asked Masondo to take her to Fourways Life, but he refused and called someone who was told to drive her to Pretoria.

On arrival and holding the foetus in a blue towel, and in pain, she said they found the doctor waiting. He took her to the exam room and started removing her placenta.

She said she hadn’t taken any medication after the incident.

Continued the statement: “. . . he took her home without any tablets or a date for a check-up.

She said she left the foetus and her ex-boyfriend David Masondo paid the doctor R150 000. The victim said she didn’t sign any document.”

When called for comment, Masondo requested an email be sent to him but hadn’t replied at the time of going to print.

The woman, a journalist whose name is known to Sunday Sun, could not be reached for comment. She ignored our SMSes and WhatsApp messages.

Police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini said he could not confirm the cases until Sunday Sun got hold of both parties.

Sunday Sun received a lawyer’s letter from the ex-girlfriend late Saturday afternoon stating their client does not intend to respond to any of the allegations set out in the media.

They said their client’s refusal to answer the allegations should not be seen as an admission thereof.

The lawyers state that they can confirm that the prosecutor has taken the decision not to prosecute her case.