AN article by The Zambian Observer claims men along the Kenyan coastline are renting their wives to wealthy tourists!

The article says poor men along the Mombasa waterfront are doing this for some extra money.

Relationship expert Thokozani Khumalo (33) from Soweto told Daily Sun that no matter how broke you were, you could never sacrifice your partner for income.

“They are with you because they love you and they feel protected when they are with you. When you sacrifice them, you break all that trust,”

“I want to advise South African men to never think of doing something like that.”

Cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya said the ancestors didn’t allow things like that.

“When people get married, the ancestors are involved. They are the ones who look after the relationship,” he said.

On the Daily Sun website, SunReaders were against the trend.

Lucky said: “Honestly, I wouldn’t sell my soul for money and especially someone else’s soul to enrich myself.”

Innocent said: “South African ladies are renting themselves to locals and tourists for a six pack of beer.”

The Kenyan embassy was not available for comment by the time of publication.