THERE is a new tea in town and it’s good for boosting a lazy 4-5!

Herbalists in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, said men love it and it sells like hot cakes.

They call it “special tea” and it gives men a stronger erection.


The tea comes in dry leaves and is packaged in a small plastic bag. It costs R20 a bag.

Customers boil it in water, leave it to cool before mixing it with milk and it’s ready to go!

Happy customers told Daily Sun the sex can go on for hours.

Jabulile Khumalo says her special tea has been selling like hot cakes since lockdown started. Photos by Collen Mashaba

Herbalist Farouk Nsubuga, owner of Eden muthi shop, said he was flooded with calls from customers during lockdown.

“The demand is high because couples spend so much time indoors, together,” he said.

“People call me every day pleading for the tea. Many collect it from my house.”

He said the tea is especially popular with older men.

“Now that we’re open, at least 10 customers walk in for the tea every day.”

Jabulile Khumalo, who works at Aloe muthi shop, said women buy the tea for their partners.

“It helps with back pain. Men in construction are our biggest customers,” said Jabulile.

A married couple said the tea is the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

“For the past eight years since we got married, my wife was complaining about my quick rounds,” said the man.

“I started drinking this tea since the beginning of the year and our bedroom life improved.”

The man was struggling with erection, leaving his wife unsatisfied.

“At first I was against the tea until I saw the results,” she said.

“We buy at least two packs a month. It keeps us happy.”