THE Mohodi Ha-Manthata family in Bochum, Limpopo held its Megobo traditional ceremony at the royal homestead on Saturday.

The Batlokwa tribe of Mohodi celebrates its new year every September.

During the ceremony, the royal family keeps the ancestors happy, as people celebrate their culture with traditional dance, food and beer.

Royal elder Tladi Manthata said the royal family performs rituals to start a new year and celebrate its tradition in September. He said it was uplifting its culture and had kept the tradition unchanged.

“Every year on this day, both the royal family and residents race with the cows early in the morning.

“The first cow and boy child who gets to the kraal are crowned as the Megobo winners, and traditional beer is poured on him,” he said.

“The winner will talk about winning the Megobo prize in years to come and be recognised by the community.

Manthata said the Batlokwa came from Botswana and pride themselves on their livestock wealth and racing with their cattle at the event.

Manthata said the royal family was trying to encourage the youth to take part as the future was in their hands.

“We want to promote our culture. We hope the department of arts and culture was part of these events, so our youth who don’t see the need to celebrate with us may end up being part of it as well,” he said.