EFF MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has offered an apology for what he described as irresponsible tweet about the harassment of a television journalist.

The harassment of ENCA journalists Nobesuthu Hejana happened in Cape Town at the height of the party's protest against  Clicks racist ad last week.

Despite television footage showing Hejana being pushed away by red berets who seemingly did not appreciate her presence in the protest, Ndlozi denied there was ever any harassment of the reporter.

At the time he tweeted that Hejana was merely touched which he said did not constitute harassment.

He got fried on social media for this comment.

And now days later, he has come to his senses.

On Wednesday he tweeted: “When I wrote: “Merely touching her is not Harassment”

It was an irresponsible tweet, giving license to the violent treatment of women. It was also hurtful & made many who’ve suffered violence relive this pain

I apologize & receive all the robust rebuke you all gave me with love!"