LEVEL 3 lockdown allows churches to operate.

But the doors of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church will remain firmly shut!

This is despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that places of worship may open and that religious leaders are essential workers.

According to Ephraim Nyondo, spokesman for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church, the main branch in Tshwane won’t open.

That’s because of the huge number of people that could be expected during the service.

He said other branches around the country may open.

The church, according to him, operates in 47 countries around the world and has 110 branches in Mzansi.

Nyondo said the church adhered to the laws of any country it operated in.

“We believe the state and the church must always work together for the good of our people.”

The Zion Christian Church has made it clear it will remain closed until further notice.

The announcement was made yesterday in a statement signed by 10 members and released on social media.

The statement read: “Looking at government’s compliance regulations, it’s clear that it’s still too early for us to reopen for services.”

The church said the order applied to all branches inside and outside the country.