ANDILE Lungisa, calling himself a political prisoner after he was released on parole on Tuesday, 1 December, said victimisation of former ANC leaders must come to an end.

Lungisa, accompanied by Supra Mahumapelo, Tandi Mahambehlala and Des van Rooyen, addressed the media at Radisson Blue Hotel in Port Elizabeth hours after he was released from North End Prison, known as Rooi Hell.

“This generation of former ANC Youth League members won’t allow the victimisation of former leaders.

“It’s our responsibility as this generation to tell President Cyril Ramaphosa attacks on president Jacob Zuma must stop.

“The commission needs to be closed because it only attacks former leaders, and if people have a problem with corruption they must go to the nearest police station.”

“Millions are being spent on this commission while our people are starving. That money should be used to unchain our people from poverty.


“All other former presidents of the organisation, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, were never harassed. Why is president Zuma the victim of the system. Leave him alone to rest and enjoy his pension with his family.

“I’m a victim of political plotting. I was imprisoned for fighting the DA and we’ll continue to fight the DA in our city. We shall not allow the DA to rule this city in our lifetime.

“I was sent to prison for a political agenda. Therefore, I’m a political prisoner. Even those in the ANC who want to bring the DA back into power, we’ll fight them. My body was in prison but my mind was in the streets of Mzansi.

“We’ll take a petition to acting mayor Thsonono Buyeye and Speaker Buyelwa Mafaya to tell them that all meetings must be suspended, including council meetings, because of Covid-19.

“There will be no election of anything in this city until the Metro deals with Covid-19.”

Van Rooyen said they were grateful that Lungisa showed discipline.

“Part of the enemy’s strategy is to destroy the organisation and provoke young people to run away from the ANC. There’s no future in the ANC without the youth, so we need to protect our youth,” he said.