OVER a year ago, Zingiswa Losi took over the Cosatu reins.

The union federation has over the years been riddled with factionalism.

We sat down with Losi in the latest episode of Under the Umbrella and spoke about challenges, her vision, and where she thinks the union federation should be heading.

We asked her how it has been since she took office, and how she has applied a woman’s touch.

Losi’s rise to the union federation’s highest office has not been hitchless, however.

She opens up about how she navigated her way to the top, where she drew strength from, and how she’s steering the ship in the challenging period the alliance between the ANC and the SACP is facing.

Losi is not shy to talk about the reconfiguration of the alliance, and readily admits that although relations with the ANC have improved under President Cyril Ramaphosa, the alliance summit hasn’t taken place to map the way forward.

She tells us that with the SACP having its special congress next month, and with the mandate to contest for power in the agenda, Cosatu will most likely side with the communists and ditch the ANC.

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