KAGISO cops have noticed an increase in rape cases that take place after midnight.

That’s why cops from Kagiso in Mogale City are urging women to obey curfew regulations and stop walking alone at night, especially after midnight, as they expose themselves to danger.

Captain Solomon Sibiya said it’s concerning that some women defy curfew or ignore all efforts designed primarily to save their dignity from ruthless criminals who prey on them.


“Last weekend alone, three rape cases were reported at Kagiso Police Station and the victims were attacked while walking alone at night.

“Such unfortunate, humiliating and degrading incidents could’ve been easily avoided,” said Sibiya.

Kagiso police are therefore appealing to women to put their lives and safety first and avoid nighttime drinking sprees.

“We urge women not to give the perpetrators an easy target and stick to curfew restrictions,” he said.

“Such restrictions can help minimise the chances of them becoming vulnerable or being potential rape victims.”