POLITICAL parties were on the last campaign trail before the Mamusa Municipality by-elections.

Democratic Alliance (DA) Provincial leader Joe McGluwa has expressed dissatisfaction over activities taking place.

He was speaking in Mamusa, in Schweizer-Reneke in the North West days leading to Wednesday by-elections.

Like many other parties, McGluwa was part of delegation in the area in to encourage locals to give them a vote to head up the municipality.

He said the party had been busy preparing for the past two months.

He said the money spent in celebrations by the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), could have been spent on fixing Mamusa infrastructure.

He said while an expensive cake was being eaten, people in Mamusa remained poor.

He added that the money spent could have at least repaired the pothole filled roads.

"This is really a disgrace and a clap in the face of the community of Mamusa. The ANC recently gave out a lot of food parcels. And we say we need this kind of gestures from the ANC daily."

He said the party's wish is to have 2 seats in the municipality and have a representation in council with a PR councillor.

"We say the people of Mamusa must make a decision and that is to support the Democratic Alliance,” he said.

Mamusa Local Municipality was dissolved late 2019 due to a lack of service delivery and misuse of municipal funds. The DA had a single seat before the dissolution