ALL he wanted was for his nyatsi to have eyes only for him.

But the korobela which he gave her did the opposite. . .

She turned against him!

The 47-year-old pastor from Mofolo, Soweto, told Daily Sun his ordeal started after a rich man tried to snatch his nyatsi of two years.

“We were happy and I ensured she had everything she wanted,” he said.

“She wasn’t just any ordinary makhwapheni.

“I wanted her to be my second wife, for God’s sake.

“The problem started when a man came to my church and told people he wanted her.”

The pastor said his nyatsi laughed when he spoke to her about it and said his jealousy was cute.

“She told me she had eyes only for me and that I shouldn’t worry,” he said.

He then went to a sangoma in Joburg in November, who gave him korobela.

“I cooked for my nyatsi and fed her the korobela when my wife went away for church meetings outside the province,” he said.

“But a week after the dinner she started avoiding my calls.

“When she did answer her phone, she said I was breathing down her neck, as if I didn’t have a wife.

He said his nyatsi dumped him two weeks later, saying it was time she got a lover as he had a wife.

“I went back to the sangoma but found a salon,” he said.

“When I asked around they told me the sangoma took off in December. Her phone was off.

“I regret going to that sangoma. My soulmate wants nothing to do with me.”

The pastor’s brother said he was against the relationship, but saw how broken his brother was.

“We can’t find that sangoma and there’s nothing we can do,” said the pastor.

When the People’s Paper tried to speak to the nyatsi, she said the pastor should focus on his wife as she’d moved on.

Daily Sun also tried to get hold of the sangoma, whose phone was off.