THE royal tension among the Abathembu kingship played out in the Mthatha Magistrate's Court  yesterday when Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo faced off with son,acting King Azenathi Dalindyebo.

Azenathi Dalindyebo and AbaThembu  traditional leaders were among those dancing and chanting outside court after the cases  of  unlawful eviction and assault were postponed to 30 June and 07 December 2020 respectively.

On 13 March King ,Buyelekhaya allegedly stormed into Bumbane Great Place  outside Mthatha at around 2 am, armed with axe and  allegedly injured his son Azenathi and his daughter in law Usikhumbulile.

That incident followed mounting tension since Buyelekhaya's release from prison last December and reports that he had  turned away a delegation led by his son which wanted to meet with him.

The second case of unlawful eviction relates to the statement issued by King Buyelekhaya about four  weeks ago where he was calling to Azenathi to vacate the Palace claiming that he is not his biological son.

The eviction case is postponed for 30 June 2020 while the assault case is postpone until 07 December 2020.

After the case proceedings on Monday, Daily Sun caught acting King Azenathi Dalindyebo and his faction singing struggle songs and traditional songs outside Mthatha Magistrate court.

Azenati's mum,high court judge Buyiswa Majiki was also present.

While the son faction was chanting and celebrating outside the court but King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo faction walked straight to their cars and drove away.

Though journalists managed to speak to both fractions but they refused to address the media.

Acting King spokesman Prince Zanothando Siganeko Dalindyebo,who is also Buyelekhaya's younger brother, told the journalists that can't speak at the moment but he revealed that are going to address everything officially during the mass gathering which is expected to be held on the 12 June.

King Buyelekhaya's spokesman Babalo Papu said " I can't speak at this moment".