Burning tyres, chunks of concrete and smouldering mattresses blocked AZ Berman Drive in Mitchells Plain during an apparent protest over food parcels.

When News24 arrived on the scene on Tuesday, a large police presence was seen on the road, while some residents and children were still out and about despite the nationwide lockdown.

"They gave Khayelitsha food, but not us," said a woman, as neighbours warned of the approaching police with low whistles.

An army truck joined the police Nyalas and law enforcement vans, weaving their way through the barricades in Tafelsig.

"Oooh Yirre, issie hele polies force [Oh Lord it's the entire police force]," said one woman.

"Gaan in [Go in!]!" shouted a man to a youngster out to watch the action.

Told to go inside, some children chanted "we want food".

Dogs scurried away and children climbed onto roofs to watch security personnel speed up and down the road, while others walked with rifles over their shoulders.

"What are you doing out here?" asked an officer, ordering people back inside their homes.

The groups regrouped in various parts of Tafelsig, and after armoured vehicles sped after them, they ran into the small streets and disappeared.