MANY call him a funeral crasher, but Joseph “Bomba” Ramosetsana says he just wants to heal the broken-hearted.

The 61-year-old from Mmakau in North West has devoted himself to giving the dead the respect they deserve.

He sings his heart out at every funeral he attends, even if he’s never met the dead person or their family.


Every weekend he wakes up early to go to funerals around local cemeteries. When he arrives everyone recognises him by the polish tin he shakes while he sings.

Bomba said: “Many people come to funerals, but they don’t sing. It’s sad for families if their supporters are not singing for them.

“I’ve never been chased out of the cemetery as I’m not doing any crime. I don’t drink alcohol. All I do is sing beautiful songs from God.”

Bomba said God gave him the gift to sing so he could heal those who needed healing.

“After every funeral, people tell me I’ve made their day. It’s so beautiful to make people happy.”

Bomba said it all started when his mum died years ago.

“I was young and my mother’s funeral was boring because people didn’t want to sing.

“I longed for someoneto sing for me so I could feel better. Music can change someone’s mood. I realised what a simple song can do to someone.”

Moreri Lefika (58), a caretaker at Mmakau Cemetery, said Joseph had been singing at funerals for more than 20 years.

“We know him. He’s our brother and we love him. This is his unpaid job, but I’m sure God will reward him. Maybe with a longer life.”

He said he wished someone could help Joseph get a proper music instrument.