A 13-YEAR-OLD girl from KwaThema in Springs, Ekurhuleni put her life on the line in a desperate attempt to save her seven-year-old brother from a recklessly speeding police van on Thursday, 13 January.

The girl died while her brother was left injured after they were hit in a hit-and-run incident, allegedly by a police officer, who allegedly failed to stop after the accident and fled the scene.

The siblings were walking home from school when the accident happened.

The number plate of the vehicle in question fell during the accident and was picked up by members of the community.

IPDI spokesperson Grace Langa confirmed that they are investigating the death.

“We do not rule out that we could add more charges as per what we have seen in the docket.”

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

She said they have learnt through social media about the incident when members of the public raised awareness on the matter.

She said upon finding out, Ipid activated investigators who went and collected the docket.

“It is alleged that a policewoman was driving a marked police vehicle when she ran over a 13-year-old who was trying to protect her seven-year-old brother.

“It is also alleged that she didn’t stop and went ahead to wherever she was going, leaving the dead body and the injured child behind.”

Langa said they are also going to be charging the duty officer who was supposed to bring the matter to their attention but failed to do so.

The ANC in Ekurhuleni called for the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

In a statement they said: “The ANC Caucus calls for a thorough investigation and the immediate arrest of the alleged perpetrator who is a police officer, and fair justice for the victim’s family. The alleged police officer who was driving the state vehicle must be held to account for this brutal accident, and worse, for fleeing the scene thereafter.

“We are disappointed particularly because we expect that the ones who should be protecting the community should not be culprits reported to be breaking the law. We call for the harsh rule of law against this alleged offender.”