MEMBERS the National Christian Resistance Movement also known as the 'Crusaders' were bust for alleged terrorism.

These members include Riana Heymans and two other accomplices.

Harry Johannes Knoesen (60), who is a retired pastor and former South African National Defence Force was charged with contravening the protection of constitutional democracy against terrorism and related activities.

In a video that has since gone viral after their arrested, Knoesen can be heard saying: “It is important for stand together as a white nation, I know there are many movements and I’ve met some of their leaders.”

“Reality is, you cannot wait to see what the enemy is going to do, you cannot wait for the enemy to wake up,” Knoesen said in the video.

Knoesen further said the ‘Crusaders’ haven’t got a waiting plan, “We’ve got an attacking plan,” Knoesen said.

‘I’m talking war, yes…. I’m talking war. Malema can say whatever he wants and the rest can say what they want because they are black. And me as a white man and a white general of my movement, I will say what is in my heart,” added Knoesen.