THE two best friends say traditional pine beer solved their anger problems.

Doctor Tangala (54) and Ncedani Mqhakayi (46) said until they discovered the beer, they used to get into many fights.

The two from Khayelitsha in Mangaung said when they first met, they realised they both had problems with their anger.

“During the Soccer World Cup in 2010, he just grabbed someone’s ticket. They fought for the ticket and Doctor tore it up.”

Doctor told Daily Sun: “Some people used to say I’d feel mob justice if I continued with my anger. I then started drinking pine and it made me so calm, I even started singing gospel songs and have never looked back.”

Resident Sebati Moremi (28) said Doctor used to start fights for no reason.

Ncedani said the pine didn’t only help him keep calm, but also helped him sleep.

“I always struggled to fall asleep when I was sober. Now I enjoy pine with my friend Doctor, knowing when I get home, I won’t be up all night,” he said.

The pine seller, who only gave her name as Mapuseletso (36), said the drink was more popular with men than women.

“At first I thought my pine was a secret for a better poke, but now I know it calms their nerves. I’m glad my product is reducing violence and I hope the police will stop arresting people who sell it. I won’t share my secret ingredient with anyone,” she said