WHEN she decided to answer her calling, she spoke to her ancestors about looking beautiful and sexy.

Her ancestors allowed her to slay even though she’s a sangoma.

Fortunate Machaba is confident to slay with her bones.

“Amadlozi are very understanding, as long as you make brewed beer and use snuff when you talk to them.”


The 25-year-old from Mamelodi extension 4, east of Tshwane, told Daily Sun she always dresses to kill, wears weaves and make-up and does her nails.

“That doesn’t mean I’m disobeying my ancestors or not listening to them. They told me they were not bothered, as long as I respected my calling,” she said.

“Amadlozi are very understanding, as long as you make brewed beer and use snuff when you talk to them.”

Fortunate Machaba slaying with her looks.

Fortunate said she used to suffer from headaches before she trained as a sangoma when she was 22.

“I used to also get emotionally and spiritually sick,” she said.

“I went to prophets and traditional healers, who told me I must answer my calling to get rid of the headaches.

“I got healed after I finished my training.”

She said even though she never wanted to be a sangoma, she won’t get married to someone who didn’t believe in tradition.

“I’m happy to be a sangoma but don’t believe I have to get married to a sangoma,” she said.


“I need someone who’ll understand and connect with me.

“I respect my spiritual life more than my personal one.”

She was a member of the Apostolic church and still attends services.

“There’s some discrimination by churches against izangoma, but people should understand that we also pray,” said Fortunate.

She also owns an online publication, Mamelodi Happenings.

Her gogo, Chongo Mamogobo (64), said they were worried about her condition when she was younger.

“I’m happy she knows the truth and will support the family,” she said.