HOPES of finding Stanford Makgolane’s body have been dashed again.

The 12-year-old drowned in the Lepelle River in the Malipsdrift area, Limpopo, on 22 December.

Residents of Machakaneng Village, outside Burgersfort, allegedly collected R50 from each household to pay Mozambican sangoma Abraham Phiri after he promised he could retrieve the boy’s body from the river.

But Phiri also drowned.

So residents once again collected R50 from each household to make up R12 500 to pay a second sangoma, Mamatonyane Ngwato, whom they believed could bring the boy back to life or say what happened.

They said the sangoma told them he had visions the boy was turned into a zombie and he wanted to expose those responsible.

The sangoma allegedly told them his remains were in the river with his head and body parts missing.

Resident Hellen Makutu (50) said they regretted calling the sangoma.

“He took our money for nothing. He didn’t do anything. People are now angry and accuse us of taking them for a ride.”

Mantjipane Makgolane (59) said they were disappointed the sangoma demanded to see Standford’s gogo, knowing she was against people calling sangomas.

“That means he can’t bring the boy back to life or find his body. We have a long way to go.”

But Mamatonyane told Daily Sun he wanted to tell residents what happened to Standford and not to bring him back to life.

“I’m not bothered that some people are not satisfied with my work.

“I’m a man of visions and this is what I saw about the boy.

“I’m not here to wake him up from the dead or find his body. That is the police’s job and we should give them a chance.”