JUST two weeks after she lost her husband, trouble came knocking at Ntombekhaya’s door again.

Ntombekhaya Thomas (54) from Khayelitsha TR section, Cape Town, said she had just returned from burying her husband in the Eastern Cape.

At about 3am on Sunday morning, a Quantum taxi crashed into her shack.

“I couldn’t even go out to see the registration number because I was trapped in my bedroom,” she said.

“Now I’m worried about the belongings destroyed by the taxi. The driver didn’t even try to help. He just fled the scene.”

Ntombekhaya said she visited the local taxi rank to try and find out who the driver was, but got no help.

“I know I’ll never get my belongings back because they told me they couldn’t help me without a registration number,” she said.

“I almost died in that shack with my daughter and grandchild.

“I hope my ancestors will bring whoever did this to me because I don’t have money to fix the damages.”

Neighbour Nonceba Tolbadi (39) said residents decided to close the road.

“We won’t open it until the taxi drivers come and fix the damage. They must do the right thing,” she told the People’s Paper.

Ntombekhaya pleaded with SunReaders to help with any donation to replace her destroyed belongings.

The SunTeam tried to contact the Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations, with no success.