SOCIAL Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu recently said no one should die of hunger.

But it seems residents of ward 122, south of Joburg, haven’t received help and food during lockdown.

Donating blankets in Eikenhoff recently, Councillor Sthembiso Zungu spoke about the food crisis.

“Hunger is a big challenge in Eikenhoff, Lehae, Vlaakfontein, Zakaria Park and parts of Lenasia South.

“We’ve not received any help with food and it’s frustrating as people accuse counsellors of stealing food parcels meant for the people.”

Zungu said he received vegetables for only 200 families.

“Imagine how difficult it is to decide who to give the vegetables to and who not to out of 36 000 families,” he said.

He said he’s been knocking at doors of businesses and the office of the mayor for food parcels or any donations.

“For now we rely on businesses like Light Fibre, which donated these blankets,” said Zungu.