HE SENSED that something was not right.

All he could think of was the urge to leave.



DJ Zwesta, real name Zwelisha Matha, and sangoma Anele Hoyana (40) were at Fritz Joubert’s farm in Geluksdal in East London, where Anele was killed. The incident was captured on videos shared on social media by Joubert on Saturday.

Fritz Joubert apparently wanted to be given a position in the community.

On the day of the incident, Zwesta said Joubert tossed money in the air and shot at it. He and his girlfriend wanted to leave but needed Joubert to take them back to where he had picked them.

“He refused and said no one was leaving. He started being aggressive and swore a lot. He told me he had no money to give me.

“He took the same money he shot at, put it on a plate and burnt it. He then gave it to me,” he said.

Zwesta said Joubert then cut into his own fingers and painted his face with the blood.

“He took a R200 note and smeared it with blood,” he said.

The DJ said Joubert fell asleep for a while and that’s how he was able to leave. 

“I called someone to pick us up. I think we’d have died with Anele if we had not left,” he said.


The videos show what may have happened on that night after Zwesta left. In one video, Anele’s lifeless body is seen on the ground. Joubert calls his wife to “kyk”. He beats Anele’s body while telling his disturbed and screaming wife: “P**s, kyk, kyk, viva, viva.”

In another video, Joubert is heard saying he’s the chosen one. Carrying a knobkerrie, he’s heard telling Anele to kneel. Joubert points to Anele through the glass door, saying: “Everyone thinks I’m mal, but I want to show the world who satan is. He sits there. This is satan.”

A screengrab shows Joubert pointing at Anele and his son.

He tells Anele to sit down as he’s going to punish him.

“I’m telling you. I’m going to moer you. I’m going to close the door of hell for you.

“No one wanted to listen, no one wanted to help me, so I’m going to do it on my own. Viva! the prince is here, prince Majeke, the king of Africa.”

Zwesta told Daily Sun he had known Joubert for a long time.

“We used to be close but stopped seeing each other after he said something racist,” he said.

But they met again and their friendship resumed.

“He was organising a ceremony and asked for my help.”

But Zwesta didn’t like a few things about Joubert, who used to call himself “Prince Majeke, the king of Africa”.


“He had anger issues. He kept an apartheid flag in his house and when you asked him tough questions he’d get aggressive.

“I know he had a wife and they were divorced. They have children, but I don’t know how many. One of his children is old and lives oversees,” he said.

Zwesta said Joubert was not a thwasa even though he wore the traditional attire as seen on his Facebook account.

These were worn during a traditional ceremony on Thursday, which according to Zwesta was done by Joubert. 

“He presented community leaders with a cow. He was lobbying. He wanted to be chosen as something in the community. That’s the event he wanted me to help him with,” he said.

Anele had reportedly gone to the farm to perform a cleansing ceremony and temporarily lived there with his family.

Anele Hoyana was brutally killed in a series of bizarre incidents on a farm in East London.

“That’s what he did when he worked for some time at someone’s place. He took his family with him because he loved them. He didn’t want to be separated from them,” said Themba.

Anele was their breadwinner.

“We don’t know what will happen to his wife and two children now that he’s dead. What that man did was horrific. My cousin didn’t deserve it,” he said.

Cops were called to the farm, where Joubert had locked Anele’s kids in the bathroom. When they entered he allegedly locked the door and instructed them to place their firearms on the table.


Other cops spoke to Joubert. One went into the bathroom and found two little boys and handed them over to their mum. Joubert allegedly attacked a cop and there was a struggle. The officer fired a shot, hitting Joubert under the left arm. He died and the officer was rushed to hospital.

Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana said: “According to reports, the incident occurred after an argument between the farm owner and a 40-year-old man. The altercation left the 40-year-old dead.

“When police arrived and tried to rescue two kids, allegedly held hostage by the farm owner, they were met with resistance, which ended in a shooting that left him dead. Cases of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and inquest were registered for investigation. Ipid was investigating.”