ACCORDING to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Horror Affairs can once again be called Home Affairs.

After spending the day at the Home Affairs head office in Tshwane on Friday, the president said services had improved a lot.

“It will be called what it’s meant to be, and that is Home Affairs,” said Ramaphosa.

His visit was part of the promise he made during last year’s State of the Nation Address.

He had promised to visit government departments to ensure they worked properly.

Ramaphosa spoke to staff members before being shown the e-Visa system and the call centre.

Addressing staff, he said: “I’m happy with the work you’re doing.

“The department plays an important role in everyone’s life.”

The president said the department shouldn’t be a home for corruption and praised it for introducing the e-Visa system. He said it would help the economy.

“They’ve been saying to us ‘improve visas so you can attract more tourists’. This was also said by the president of China, who said ‘improve your visa regime and improve your safety and security so many Chinese will come as tourists to South Africa’.

“Many other leaders have said the same thing,” said Ramaphosa.