THE family lives in fear!

Their relative and his friend allegedly stabbed two men in Winterveld, Tshwane last Tuesday.

Residents were up in arms, threatening to burn the family’s house if they weren’t found.

The family said they were scared their three-roomed shack would be set alight.

Peter Sema (53) said the residents wanted to burn their home last Thursday.

He said they accused the family of hiding the suspects.

“We’re living in fear. We’ll lose our home if they don’t hand themselves to the police.”

Peter said their relative and his friend beat and stabbed a family friend twice in the chest, and another neighbour nine times all over the body.

“We’re begging them to surrender themselves to police because our home will be burnt down anytime.”

Sophie Mantshu (35) said she didn’t know what pushed them to do such an evil thing.

“We’re scared of them because we don’t know whether we’re their next targets.”

She said they were gangsters and deserved to be locked away for years.

The mum of their relative’s friend (42) said her son liked fighting.

“I’m scared of them and the community.”

The family said the two victims were admitted to Dr George Mukhari Hospital.

Diana Thoka (49), the mum of the victim who was stabbed nine times, said it was painful that her son was fighting for his life in hospital while those responsible were still not found.

“I will not forgive them. I want them to rot in jail,” she said.

Community leader Patrick Mushungwa (38)’n, said they would burn the family’s home if the men didn’t come forward.

“They should save their families because people are angry.”

Captain Samuel Sebola said a charge of assault was opened and no suspects have been arrested.

“The case is still under investigation.”