A SANGOMA is worried about young people who’re scared to answer their ancestral calling.

She said some of them have pride and are afraid to embark on this journey.

They think traditional healers should always wear traditional clothing, which isn’t true.

Sangoma Keitumetse “Gogo Fix It” Thibedi told Daily Sun failure to answer one’s calling could cause problems.

The 24-year-old Bachelor of Arts student from Atteridgeville in Tshwane said most of her clients are young people


She wants to prove to them that one can juggle their calling, studies and career.

“I’m happy. My life as a sangoma is bliss,” she said.

“The passion I have for my calling has driven me to have empathy and dedication when resolving challenges.”

Gogo Fix It said her focus is on fixing problems such as broken relationships.

“I help people in bad relationships,” she said.

“I also counsel people and help those who have problems with their 4-5s and punanis.”

She said ignoring rituals and doing them wrongly could affect your life in a big way.

She got the name Gogo Fix It from social media after she had helped a troubled client.

“I’m a modern healer who respects and understands my calling,” she said.