SHE WENT to thwasa, but came back home with more burdens than her ancestors could have expected.

She was raped by her male gobela and his female assistant.


The rape incident happened three days before the 24-year-old thwasa was about to leave the initiation process in Sharpeville, Vaal.

According to the thwasa, her gobela and gobela’s girlfriend pretended to perform a ritual to evoke her ancestors before she completed her initiation.


During the ritual, the thwasa was allegedly told to steam over a pot of boiling water and muthi that was inside the gobela’s indumba.

She was apparently told to lie face down and naked on the floor and then the gobela’s girlfriend stuffed muthi in her punani.

The thwasa said the assistant then poked her with sex toys.

“Then the gobela came into the indumba and took his turn to poke me. He said it was to invoke my ancestors,” she said.

After the poking, the thwasa was taken to the bushes in the early hours and another ritual was performed.

“I was told to strip naked. My gobela and his assistant said they were combining my ancestors with theirs,” she said.

Then, the next day she was raped again by the same sangoma and his assistant.

“Then the gobela said we were going to Joburg to buy some of the things I was short of for my homecoming, but we went to his girlfriend’s house where he had sex with me again,” said the thwasa.

She said the gobela told other initiates that she was bad.

“He said they shouldn’t talk to me. The gobela’s son pretended to care for me,” she said.

“I told him how his father violated me with his girlfriend claiming the process was a spiritual ritual. He pretended to be supporting me, but he was seducing me to sleep with him.


“He slept with me and then also turned his back on me.”

On Sunday, the mother of the now inyanga took her to their relative, who’s a gobela and practising inyanga.

Their relative, Gogo Mahlalendabani, known as Lindiwe Matjiane, prepared muthi for the thwasa and rolled the bones.

Then the thwasa burst into tears and said the gobela threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone what had happened.

Gogo Lindiwe said she was hurt.

“Our ancestors have been showing me signs that my niece was in trouble. I regret not carrying out the intwaso processes,” she said.

Sergeant Thembeka Koago confirmed a case of rape was opened.

“The family violence, child protection and sexual offences division is still investigating,” said Koago.

The gobela’s son refused to give his name, but commented. He dismissed allegations.


When called for comment, the gobela claimed he never violated any of his thwasas.

“The family came to my home, but I was not there.

“They raised their grievances with my family,” he said.

“I then called the family to come and discuss the matter because this is shocking news about me. I never violated their child,” he said.

“She came to thwasa and graduated. All I know is that they came to report the pregnancy involving my son and I was worried because this boy has impregnated another girl and he has a wife,” he said.

The gobela said he will let the matter be resolved by the law.