Not so long ago, EFF Deputy Leader Floyd Shibambu was accused of paying for a top of the range Ranger Rover Sport with VBS money.

Now there are reports of the leader owning a multi-storey house in a village in Limpopo.

“So where is the house and when are you giving me the keys to that house you gave a house?”

Shivambu denied the claims that he owns the house, he even asked the tweeps when they are giving him the key to the house he allegedly owns.

Following the allegations of him using VBS money to pay for the Range Rover Sport, Shivambu claimed that the money was clean.

The Mail & Guardian reported that Sgameka Projects which is owned by Floyd’s brother had transferred R680 000 to a dealership to assist him when he traded in his 2013 Range Rover.

It was reported that the payment was apparently part of his brother's purchase of one of his old cars, a 2012 BMW 7 Series.