HER EX-HUSBAND wants Eustina to give him back the lobola money he paid – and if she doesn’t she is terrified of what he might do to her!

Eustine Mutukwa (34) from Woodlane, Tshwane said her ex-husband, Washington Chilele, fell at work on 2 July 2018 and injured his head.

He was in hospital for weeks and a month after he came home, the man who had once been a loving father and husband changed.

“He started acting strange and was short-tempered. He became abusive towards me and fought with me over small things,” she said

Eustina said his temper got so bad that she couldn’t take it anymore and she ended up demanding a divorce from him. 

Eustina Mutukwa's husband wants his R6000 lobola back, community leaders took out his furniture since he was pestering her. Photo by Karabo Rammutla

The couple, who had married in community of property in 2017, got divorced in August and the court granted Eustina the shack as she’s the guardian of their child, but had to share half their belongings with the ex-husband.

But Washington wants the zincs from the shack and the lobola money despite her giving him a bed and other appliances. as ordered by the court.

She said Washington also demanded she gave him the R6 000 lobola money he paid before they could sign at the Home Affairs.

“I refused to give him what he wanted and he refused to move out,” she said.

“He continued to harass me until I called our community leaders to come and help me, but still that didn’t stop him from making my life miserable.”

Eustina said she reported him to the police, but was advised to get a protection order, which she did.

The protection order demands that he must move out from the shack and stop coming to harass Eustina.

“He moved out, but told me he still wanted his lobola money and he will come back and do the unthinkable if don’t give him the R6 000,” she said.

A neighbour and community leader, Grace Letswalo, said Washington was a good man in their community, but has become a monster.

“We can’t reason with him. He won’t listen to anyone.

“He does whatever he wants to and this is hurting this poor woman.”

Grace said they helped to take his belongings out of Eustina’s shack, but he hasn’t come to fetch them.

When the SunTeam went to see Washington at his new shack, he refused to talk.

He said he wanted his money and the zincs and nothing else.

Eustina’s sister said Washington was once a good man.

“I wish he could get someone to check his head.

“Maybe he can get the help so he can be the loving man he once was.”

The People’s Paper couldn’t get hold of Washington’s relatives.