A COP is being investigated for child negligence after the abuse of her adopted children, a boy (8) and a girl (14).

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said police received a complaint about the cop stationed at Kabokweni.

They found the girl locked up in a chicken coop while the boy was kept on the floor in a dirty room.

A neighbour told Daily Sun they tried reporting it to police and social workers, but no action was taken against the cop.

“She might have been using her powers to stop the case from going ahead. What pains us the most is that the kids had nowhere to go and were hoping to be well taken care of.”

The neighbour said the woman, claiming she was punishing the kids, knew they were on chronic medication and would default if they were locked up.

“What if something bad had happened to the kids? We want her to be punished for what she did,” said the neighbour.

Last month, a 40-year-old woman was bust in Mpumalanga after allegedly attacking her six-year-old grandson with an axe. Police said it was not the first time the woman had assaulted him.

In another incident, a 28-year-old man in KwaMhlanga was bust after allegedly beating his son to death.

Social development spokesman Comfort Ngobe encouraged residents to speak to the department if they had problems they couldn’t solve.

“The department has professionals who deal with that and can help,” he said.

Hlathi said police management were shocked by the allegations implicating one of their own.

“We will investigate and pursue the member through internal processes.”

He said they will collect statements and present them to the prosecutor for a decision.