LIFE is at a standstill for David Tlometsane (61) from Jeffsville in Atteridgeville after his car fell into a giant hole in his yard.

Daily Sun published an article about it last month.

He said: “I found this big hole in the yard and it shocked me because I could have been hurt.”

Since the incident, people have been promising to help him, with no success.

“Sleeping at this place would be a huge risk. I go to my friends’ and family’s homes to squat.”

“While the car is in there, it can also be damaged. Children risk falling in here when playing. This isn’t a safe place,” he said.

David said he couldn’t go to work because people kept promising to come see him. He said neighbours were also turning it into a show. “People come knocking, like it is a movie scene.”

He said their councillor has visited him a couple of times.

His hope is with SunReaders.

“I need help for the car to be taken out of this hole and I also need a place to stay,” he said.

Councillor Solomon Sedibeng said: “We’re struggling to get through to the municipality because the offices were closed. This is not a safe area for people to live. We’ve been agitating to move them to another area.”