RESIDENTS of Hostel One in Mangaung are tired of living in a smelly area.

They said they had been having this problem for about eight years.

They claimed they had reported the matter to the municipality.

The municipality attended to the problem, but it reoccurred a week later.

Resident Lebohang Baukudi (35) said: “We can’t live like this. Municipal workers told us about a burst pipe. They promised to come back, but never did.”

Lebohang said the stinking water made them sick.

“The community fixed the pipe in December last year, but it burst again. We were asking the municipality to help us. Summer is coming and mosquitoes are going to make things worse,” he said.

Gogo Vuyiswa Zondi (65), a resident, said the sewage made it impossible for them to leave their houses.

“I am an elderly person. The smell from the sewage is really affecting my health. Our windows and doors are always closed because the houses get filled with flies once we open them,” Gogo Vuyiswa said.

She said her kitchen door faced the stream and her two grandkids had also been getting sick because of the sewage.

Mangaung Municipality spokesman Qondile Khedama said: “We are not aware of the matter. We will send municipal workers to attend to it soon.”