A GOGO took her TV to a technician for repairs but when he took too long as far as she was concerned, things turned ugly.

Every time she wanted her TV, the gogo would get excuses and she was tired of that.

On Friday, 22 January she arrived at Softech Electronics, the technician’s workshop, with two armed men only to find that her plasma TV was still not ready.

This did not please gogo!

The cheeky gogo from Springs, Ekurhuleni unbolted the wall-mounted plasma that the technician was working on and left the workshop.

They got into the car and disappeared with the television.


The 42-year-old technician opened a case of business robbery against the gogo. Now Springs cops are looking for the gogo and two armed men.

Captain Johannes Ramphora said the technician alleged that he was at his shop when his client and two men entered.

“She demanded her TV which was brought for repair two weeks ago. When he explained to her that it was not yet ready, she demanded a replacement, but the technician refused.”

Ramphora said she suddenly took a wall-mounted TV from the wall.

“When he tried to stop her, one of the men who was with her pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. They then left the shop with the TV to a waiting car outside,” said Ramphora.

The registration and model of the car is unknown to the complainant.

No shots were fired and there were no injuries.