ALTHOUGH their dad was buried on Saturday, two brothers keep finding bits of his body parts in the debris of the house where he burnt to death.

Ephraim Moemise (81) died on Christmas Eve after his house in Orlando West, Soweto, caught fire.

Daniel (31) said on Monday, he and his brother Simon (27) found their dad’s hand in the debris. He said they were planning to take it to the graveyard to bury it with his body.

Daniel said he was at work when he got the terrible news about his dad.

“I was devastated and rushed home.” He told Daily Sun when he arrived on the scene, firefighters were still trying kill the fire.

“It was so bad we could see he had no chance of survival,” he said.

Daniel and Simon Moemise wants answers from forensic pathologist who left their late father's left hand and other body parts in ashes. Photo by Morapedi Mashashe  Photo by

Simon said the police’s forensics unit came to take the body after the fire was put out, but they left parts of it behind. Later that day they found part of his dad’s foot.

“We called them and they came to fetch it.”

He said it was very difficult to move on because they kept finding his dad’s body parts.

He appealed to SunReaders to help them rebuild the house. Resident Tshepo Legola (31), who was helping the family clean up, said Ephraim rushed into the house after it started burning to save his belongings.

“I told him not to but he went in anyway. That was the last time I saw him alive.”

Gauteng health spokeswoman Kwara Kekana said the matter was being investigated and apologised to the family.