A MAN (43) allegedly flew into a rage, yielded a spear, and killed his own son (19) in broad daylight.

He then allegedly ran back to his village carrying the bloodied spear, shouting, as he praised himself as a hero for having killed his son.

He allegedly called for people to go and see his fatally wounded body down the stream.

The incident happened at Ga-Moreku outside Acornhoek near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga on Tuesday, 12 January at about 4pm.

After he was attacked by a mob, police rescued the man.

When appearing before the Acornhoek Magistrates Court on Wednesday, prosecutor Moses Sibanda told the court that the accused was facing charges of murder.

He asked the man why.

“Yes, I killed my boy because he always sent me a tokoloshe to trouble me, and I will conduct my own defence,” he replied.

“I wonder how will you proceed on self-defence before court as this offence you are facing is very serious and falls under schedule six,” said Magistrate Vicey Marule.

The man finally opted for a lawyer from the legal aid board.

Speaking to the SunTeam, his wife (41) angrily described the man as a ruthless monster who stole all her happiness.

“He was sober when he killed my son. Now he pretends he is mad. He started troubling him on 26 December for no apparent reason.

“It was about 12pm yesterday when I received a call from my son saying his dad was attacking him. And I told him to go to his friend. But the dad followed my son carrying a spear.

“My son ran to a neighbour’s house. He threatened to kill them all with the spear. My son quickly jumped out of the window and ran for his life down the street. But he charged after him and threw the spear which stabbed him in his leg, and he collapsed.

“He then stabbed him several times, leaving him dead in a pool of blood down the stream. I don’t want him (the father) back. He is a rare devil himself.

“I opened a spaza shop for my son so he could make his own money, as he was doing well at school, to use it for his future studies. He had passed well at Lethepele Secondary School at nearby Newline,” said the mum.

Angry residents who were baying for blood shouted at the police to bring the dad over to them, so they could deal with him.

“On Sunday, this satanic dad stabbed a man. Yesterday he struck another man with a stone when trying to grab him and teach him a lesson. We want him dead as well,” shouted one of the residents.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said: “Yes, we can confirm that a suspect (43) was arrested for killing his own son. This incident is very disheartening.”

The matter has been postponed until 19 January for legal aid lawyer arrangements and possible bail.