RELATIVES of the six people shot and killed in Nkanini in Eshowe, KZN, are still reeling in shock.

Family member Pastor Bhekinkosi Khumalo said a nine-year-old survivor managed to hide inside the house.

But Christopher (72), Bhikho (62), Mbali (29), Snothile (18), Thabo (10) and Elihle Khumalo (7) were killed.


“We learned about the incident late on Sunday after my niece, who’d gone to hospital to give birth, returned home,” said Bhekinkosi.

“She noticed the door leading to the house was broken. When she got in she noticed bloodstains on floor.

“The bloodstains led her to the bedroom where the lifeless bodies of her family members, including her own daughter, were lying in a pool of blood.”

She screamed for help!

She discovered her other daughter survived the massacre.

“We’re shocked. We don’t even know where to begin describing the situation. We have many unanswered questions,” said Bhekinkosi.

He said it was difficult to say what transpired.

“Our hearts are in pain. We rely on police, who’ll be able to help us answer all the questions running through our minds,” said Bhekinkosi.

Brigadier Jay Naicker said a relative was arrested in connection with the killings.

Naicker said according to information cops received, the suspect arrived at the home of the victims on Saturday at about 11pm.

Naicker said the suspect called all the members of the family together.


“This occurred after he forced the door open with an axe, which was later found inside the house,” said Naicker.

“The suspect was armed with a pistol, which he used to kill six members of the family aged between eight to 70.”

He said the suspect fled the scene after the incident.

“Detectives worked around the clock and traced him to Greytown on Monday.

“He was arrested by detectives and will be conveyed to Eshowe, where he’ll be detained.”

He’s expected to appear in the Eshowe Magistrates Court soon facing six counts of murder.