CUTHBERT Fata believes his family is cursed!

The 33-year-old from Gomorrah squatter camp, west of Tshwane, said he buried family members every year for the past four years.

He said it started with his dad in 2016, followed by his mum and sister in 2017, his aunt in 2018, and his uncle last year.

As if that was not enough, he and his older brother and sister were involved in hit and runs on separate occasions.

“I feel we’re cursed because four of my family members died under mysterious circumstances.

“They all ended up in hospital, but doctors couldn’t tell what was wrong with them.

“They then died a week after being admitted.”

Cuthbert said he was now scared he or one of his siblings might be next.

“My older sister was killed in an accident in October 2017,’ he said.

“A car came out of nowhere and hit me in June 2017, breaking my legs.

“Then my older brother and sister survived a hit and run in 2018.”

Cuthbert said the deaths created tension in the family as they suspected each other.

“We now live separate lives hoping we’ll break the curse. We are all scared.”

He said he needed a sangoma or prophet to tell him what caused this and how to fix it.

His sister said: “I’m living my own life and don’t want to dwell on the bad stuff or even think I could be next.”

Prophet Seiletje Mamgena said someone in the family might have put a curse on them.

He advised Cuthbert to consult a spiritual person to find a solution or they’d all die.