A 21-YEAR-OLD university student suffered heart failure after “extreme” drinking of energy drinks.

It was revealed in a medical journal report that the man drank four 500ml cans every day for two years, leaving him in intensive care and unable to complete his studies.

For four months, he suffered shortness of breath and severe weight loss before being admitted to hospital.

According to Sky News, he spent 58 days in hospital including a period in intensive care, which he described as “traumatising”.


Doctors considered giving him an organ transplant after tests revealed that his heart and kidneys had failed.

“We report a case of severe biventricular heart failure, potentially related to excessive energy drink consumption in a 21-year-old man,” they said.

“Energy drink-induced cardiotoxicity was the most likely cause of his heart failure,” they added.

The student, who was not named in the report, had no other medical history. But the cans he was drinking contained 160mg of caffeine each.

The young man said he suffered painful withdrawal symptoms when he wasn’t consuming the energy drinks, and called for better warnings on labels.

“When I was drinking up to four energy drinks per day, I suffered from tremors and heart palpitations. These interfered with my ability to concentrate on daily tasks and my studies at university,” he said.