ON SUNDAY, Sebabatso Lebajoa and a friend were having drinks in the afternoon sun.

During the night, friends left her sleeping on the floor at a residence outside of VUT campus because she was snoring and breathing badly.


According to the distraught mother of the 21-year-old Art student, friends at the scene told her some people had sprinkled crystal meth in their drinks.

Sebabatso’s varsity friend also died during the night.

GONE TOO SOON: Left: Sebabatso Lebajoa was found dead by fellow students. Above: Gladys Lebajoa, Sebabatso’s mother, and her gogo Sarah Milo can’t believe their respectful, beloved child has died. Photo by Lucky Morajane


The friend was found with bubbles on her lips in her room when paramedics were called to the scene by friends.

The grieving mother, Gladys Lebajoa (49), told Daily Sun at their family home in Orange Farm, south of Joburg, she went to the school after she received a call that her child was dead.

“When I got to the residence I found her lying on the floor, covered in a blanket,” she said.

Gladys was surprised because it wasn’t the place where Sebabatso stayed.

“The students told me they thought she was sleeping on the day of the incident because they tried to wake her,” she said.

“Apparently, other students left her on the floor because she was snoring. Around 8am they thought she was still asleep, only to find out she was already dead.”

During the night Sebabatso’s friend, a third-year tourism student, was also struggling in her room.

“Students who shared a room with the friend said they found her vomiting. They called paramedics, who declared her dead when they arrived.

“They then sent the medics to where my daughter was, and that’s when they also discovered she, too, had died,” said Gladys.

Gladys said her daughter didn’t show signs of taking any drugs. They only knew her as a person who drank alcohol.

“If she smoked we’d have known. We knew she drank booze but didn’t do drugs. We want to know what killed her,” she said.


Gladys said Sebabatso loved people.

“Sebabatso was always smiling. We just had a 21st birthday party for her.”

The mother showed the SunTeam a recent video. Sebabatso jokes about eating meat with her friends in the clip. Gladys couldn’t believe her lastborn is dead.

“I’m in so much pain. I sent my child to school and she came back dead.

“I was looking forward to her finishing school like her sister and creating a better life for herself,” said the weeping mother.

Gladys said her daughter’s tragic death should serve as a lesson to students.

“This should be out there so other students are aware what’s going on. Otherwise, more students will die because of these incidents,” she said.

Illegal crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is a central nervous system stimulant that’s often taken as a recreational drug and sometimes as treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.

Constable Busisiwe Sango said cops were investigating.