THE nanny who bust Nicholas Ninow in a toilet with a girl (7) is unable to work with kids following the incident.

She said yesterday what she heard and saw at the Dros restaurant in Silverton, Tshwane, last September would haunt her forever.

She was testifying in the North Gauteng High Court yesterday.

On Monday, Ninow pleaded guilty to three of the four charges against him: rape, possession of illegal substances and defeating the ends of justice, but not to assault.

The first witness, a waitress, said Ninow was found in the women’s toilet after the door was forced open. She said Ninow tried to attack her and others with a belt.

The nanny, who broke down in tears, said the child asked to go to the toilet.

She said she walked the child to the toilet and went to the back of the restaurant to have her 15-minute lunch break.

When she came back, she asked the girl’s brother where she was. He said she was still in the toilet.

“I still can’t believe I was with the child and this happened to her,” she said.