WHEN a school girl dropped menstruation blood on his taxi seat and refused to get off at school, a taxi driver and owner Kamogelo Betha also known as Diff was touched and started buying the sanitary towels for his female commuters.

The 31-year-old taxi man from Lebowakgomo Zone Q in Limpopo says he is delighted that he is making a difference in the life of a woman who is in emergency need of sanitary towels.

Diff told Daily Sun that (31) after that incident of the schoolgirl last year in June he started buying two packets of sanitary towels for R17 each and put them in his taxi for his commuters.

"I was so touched and realized that most women see their menstruation circle unaware and unprepared for that. Remember by that time it had happens while she is in the public. Some is a matter of affordability."

"As a driver of a taxi, I knew that it's time for me to I always have pads in my taxi so that in times of such situations I can assist," Diff said.

He says the demands are high towards month-end and comes to his taxi to get free pads.

Diff further said that he is bothered that there are women that are still ashamed to ask for assistance when they are in need.

"I always tell them that they must speak out. Some they send their friends to me and asked on their behalf and that is not right. I'm aware that they are afraid because people still believe that taxi drivers are violent people with a bad attitude all the time but it's not all of us." He said.

Diff had encouraged all taxi drivers across the country to have pads in their taxis for their female commuters.

"It's time that we teach men that menstruation circle is a natural thing that our sisters, girlfriends and wives must go through on a monthly basis and respect them. I so wish that taxi drivers can stop shouting at women when they have drop blood on the taxi seats because it's a nature that is beyond her control."

He added that he only buys two packets of sanitary towels per week for his female commuters but during month-end, he buys four.

Diff has seven years working as a taxi driver and managed to buy his own last year.

Khomotso Maleka (31) who always travel in Diff's taxi says she has learnt not all men are the same.

"Most women like to travel in his taxi because he is very caring. I encourage other women who travel in his taxi facing such situation to speak out for help just like he helped me the other days." She said.