LULAMA Gomana’s days of living in a leaking shack will soon be a thing of the past.

The 54-year-old said she had lived in the shack for 30 years.


The mum of two lives with her kids, two grandchildren and her late brother’s two children.

Lulama is over the moon after her employer of 25 years, Dr Raoul Goldberg, built a four-roomed house for her in Delft, Cape Town.

She said the building of the house started this week.

“I’m very happy. I can’t express how I feel about this,” she said.

Lulama said she was humbled by the gesture. Goldberg, who used some of his pension money to help build the house in partnership with volunteers from Habitat for Humanity, said they wanted to put a smile on Lulama’s face.

“We are just ecstatic about the possibility of this thing unfolding,” said Goldberg.

Dana Sminirin, the director of Path to Health, a clinic founded by Goldberg, said: “Lulama started as a helper and cleaner, but is now our dispensary manager.


“One day the wind was very bad and she started crying looking at her phone because her shack was blown away. Raoul and I were heartbroken and didn’t know what to do.

“Raoul decided we needed to build Lulama a house after we learnt about the place she lives in.”

Dana urged other employers to check where their employees lived and help them have proper housing.