NO sangoma can make you a millionaire by taking your hard-earned thousands.

This advice was from digital bones sangoma Nzama Maluleke in reply to a 40-year-old reader who wrote to Daily Sun.

The reader gave R34 000 to a sangoma who promised to make him rich. The sangoma promised that in less than two weeks, he’d receive money in his bank account – and it would be nothing less than R1 million.

Tempted by the thought of millions in his bank account, the reader took his savings and gave it to the sangoma.

Then he waited. Two weeks later he checked and there was nothing. He spoke to the sangoma and was told to be patient. So he waited some more.

But weeks became months and when he went to check on the sangoma, he was nowhere to be found. He couldn’t reach him on the phone and no one knew where he was.

“Those are fake izangoma. Real ones don’t rush to take money. They help a client first and then accept any form of payment.

“If that sangoma promises you millions, ask yourself why he doesn’t have millions himself. No one can give you a million when they don’t have it themselves,” said Nzama.

He advised people to be vigilant and watch out for fake izangoma who’re only after their money.

“They will promise you heaven and earth to get your money. And once you give it to them, they vanish,” he said.

“Izangoma shouldn’t demand payments from the needy. When someone can afford to pay and the sangoma has done a good job, they will reward them.

“If the clients don’t have much, the sangoma must accept what they offer. The payment is ukukhanyisa, not a true payment.”

Nzama said his clients had thanked him with cars and cows.

“I don’t demand those. People give out of gratitude. What’s important is to help, not to loot,” he said.

He lashed out at fake izangoma.