Dear Sunlanders

Mzansi is going on lockdown as of midnight as the nation rallies together to fight the greatest threat this country has faced since the dawn of democracy.

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the world, with half a million people infected and an estimated 20 000 people dead.

After President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lockdown, taking effect tonight, it’s understandable that SunLand is anxious and feels vulnerable and scared about how we’ll keep ourselves and families safe.

During this state of uncertainty, it is easy for people to distribute fake news that can cause further alarm and harm.

Your favourite papers, Daily Sun and sister publication Sunday Sun, will be available on the streets to ensure that we give you, our dear readers, reliable and credible information as we report on the coronavirus and other issues that concern you.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that our reporters are protected when they go out in the field to bring you the stories you enjoy and to ensure you stay in touch and are informed at all times about the pandemic.

We know that it’s at these crucial times that our readers depend on us for accurate information.

In light of the restrictions that come with the lockdown, our papers will be available at garages, retail stores and at supermarkets that are allowed to operate during this time.

Dear readers, no matter how big an obstacle, we believe people of Mzansi will always defeat any enemy if we’re united.

We stand by you in this fight, and please keep safe during the lockdown. – Editor